If you are reading this article then you’re most probably a carpenter and thinking to buy a tool belt or bag for your instruments. But you are confused that what product will suit you but you are also confused by the dozen reviews on the internet. Here we will give you the reviews of the product that matches your needs and here we are to help you pick up some good stuff.

What You Are Looking For?

The main question that arises is what you are looking for? What are your needs? Are you professional? Are you looking for a carpenter tool bag? Or are you looking for a carpenter tool kit? Here we will help you to buy the best leather carpenter bags and best leather carpenter tool kit.

Difference between Bag and Tool belt?

The difference between the carpenter tool bag and carpenter tool belt is that bag is to you use bag for containing all your instruments you have to find the entire thing from the bag before using it. But in the carpenter tool kit your instruments are organized and no time will be waste to find your instruments before using it. So it depends on what you need?, what you are looking for? And what are your requirements.

Personal Preference

Before buying your carpenter tool kit or carpenter bag you should watch your personal preferences before anything. If you use the tool kit regularly or you are professional or you are an organized person and you like to keep things in order so that your time will not waste before using the instruments in finding them. It depend on your choice that what kind of bag or tool kit you want whether you want are you going for leather or are you going for polyester.

Best Tool Belts for Carpenters

1. Occidental Leather Carpenter’s Tool Belt

  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable
  • Quality leather
  • Excellent warranty
  • High initial cost


Everything is heavy-duty and the craftsmanship is spectacular. It has deep industrial-type nylon bags that are reinforced with leather on the bottom and corners. The pouches stay open naturally because of the leather, meaning that you can get to your tools easily, and both the belt and the bags are fully adjustable. From carpenter’s tool belt reviews that we have read about the Occidental Leather 9855, the general consensus is that it is excellent value over time. People have commented on the huge pockets which can hold everything you need, the comfort factor, and the great quality of the leather. However, if you only plan to use a carpenters tool belt now and then, a high-quality, but budget-friendly belt is worth looking into.

2. CLC Custom Leather craft I427X Heavy Duty Contractor-Grade Suede Leather Work Apron, 2 Steel Hammer Loops, 12 Pockets

Key features

  1. Heavy duty tool belt
  2. Double front pockets
  3. 12 pockets tool belts
  4. Poly web with metal interlock button

It is the heavy duty carpenter kit that is made to carry all your heavy instruments that you fear that they will rip out from other carpenter bags. HEAVY DUTY WORK APRON: This Custom Leather craft work apron is made of heavy-duty contractor grade suede leather with wide double front pockets for easy access. This CLC tool apron feature 4 main nail and tool pockets and 8 smaller pockets for nail sets, pencils, and pliers. This work apron comes with a 2-Inch Poly web belt with metal interlocking buckle. This CLC work apron features a leather combination square holder.

3. Gatorback B145 Carpenter’s Tool Belt

  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers comfort and ventilation
  • Pockets don’t sag
  • Average durability
  • One Year Warranty

This a great runner-up to the Occidental Leather 9855, and costs two and a half times less. You’re probably wondering why it is so much cheaper.  Well, to start with, the pockets aren’t made of leather, so maybe they won’t last quite as long as the Occidental. However, they aren’t flimsy. They are made out of heavy duty 1250 Durateck nylon which keeps them firm. There is also an interior plastic lining which stops them from sagging, making it easy to get hold of your tools. In addition, every stress point on the pockets and also on the belt, are riveted and bar tacked. It is the professional and leather tool bag and tool belt for the carpenter.


From reading carpenters tool belt reviews, there have been only a few negative comments.  A couple of people have reported that the pockets fell apart after just a month or two and that the pen pocket is too narrow to fit in a pen. However, on the plus side, others have found that the belt is comfortable and gives a sweat-free experience. Even the foam backing is made out of an ultra-breathable material.

4. Bucket Boss 85035 Carpenter’s Tool Belt

  • Attractive price
  • Large capacity pockets
  • Durable pockets
  • Limited size of belt
  • Length of warranty


The size of this tool belt can be an issue as it only fits people of a waist range of 44” to 52”, which means that slim built and heavier people won’t be able to use it. There is also no tape measure clip. This product has a one year warranty, which doesn’t equal the Occidental 9855 but is the same as the Gatorback 3145. Both are more expensive than the Bucket Boss 85035. The Best light weight tool kit in the market. It will surly the best carpenter tool rig in the market.

Bucket Boss has been around since 1987, so is a well-established company. This product is made from heavy-duty 1680d 2-ply polyester material and is very durable. It also has load bear stretch suspension which makes the belt more comfortable when you are carrying tools around all day. There are just two large-capacity pockets, but there are some extra smaller ones attached to these. The pockets are adjustable with Velcro which can have its disadvantages. Looking through customer reviews for this product, some people have found that the Velcro doesn’t stick anymore, but of course, this can be replaced. The pockets are sturdy and sit upright, which is great as you don’t have to look down to pick up your tools. The belt has both steel buckle and monster grommets

5. Occidental Leather Tool Belt Suspenders

  • Durable
  • Leather Build
  • Fully Adjustable
  • High-quality straps to keep adjustments in place.
  • Could be more comfortable


This is best carpenter tool kit with suspender. The leather works for, and against, the suspenders. On the one hand, it’s very durable. On the other hand, its rigidity makes it uncomfortable. But all of these it is light weight and it will be most probably the best carpenter tool kit with suspender.

Starting with our top pick. This unit features a sturdy leather design that should last for a long time. The straps are fully adjustable so that one size will be able to fit most, and they are secured by a series of Conway buckles that will guarantee your adjustments stay in place.

There is one key problem that might be a turnoff for some people: it’s not very comfortable. Granted, belt suspenders often aren’t. By virtue of their design, they do put a significant amount of pressure on the neck and shoulders.

6. Milwaukee Padded Tool-Belt Suspension System

  • Affordable
  • Padded
  • Will fit most users
  • Durability concerns


So, why doesn’t it take the top slot? It’s mostly a matter of durability. The fabric that makes up these straps may be comfortable, but they won’t last nearly as long as the leather you get with the Occidental pair. Some buyers won’t mind trading more comfort for less durability. You’ll need to decide for yourself which features you prioritize.

7. Brown Bag Tool Belt Suspenders

  • Best for the money
  • Breathable Mesh Fabric
  • Cell Phone Pocket
  • Very Large
  • Straps don’t adjust very well


Up next, our “best for the money” pick. The Brown Bag Company 30290 straps are an affordable, well-built pair of suspenders that pay off both in terms of value and quality.

The straps are padded and feature a breathable fabric that will help prevent you from getting overheated. There’s even a handy little cell phone pocket located in the front. That said, we do have a problem with the size of the straps themselves. The company advertises that the straps are fully adjustable to fit most people, but that doesn’t seem to be well-reflected in the design. Even when adjusted to be as small as possible, the straps are quite large, and may be awkward for users who are less than 6 feet tall.

8. Ergodyne Arsenal Toolbelt Suspender

  • Affordable
  • Gel Inserts
  • Extra Storage Compartments
  • Straps fall out of place
  • Clips pop out under heavy-stress


With the Ergodyne, we have another pair of suspenders made for comfort. The straps are padded with cooling gel materials that should prevent you from getting too warm while you work.

It also features an adjustability range of 12 inches (36-48) which will be enough to accommodate a wide variety of people. Last but not least, it even features a couple of extra storage compartments in the front of the straps for your phone, small tools, etc. Unfortunately, there are a couple of serious concerns. For one thing, the straps fall out of place, meaning you’ll need to regularly re-secure your adjustments. That’s one thing. The other problem is that the clip pops out of place over time, thus rendering the straps effectively useless. If you aren’t using the suspenders to handle much weight you may not have problems. But if you’re securing a heavy-duty tool belt this will probably pose an issue.


1. Can I customize my tool belt system?

Yes! The Diamondback System provides more comfort, support, and options for customization than any other product on the market. Create your own setup using any combination of belts, pouches, and other accessories.

2. What is the best belt size?

XS – XXXL. Do NOT just use your normal pant size. While wearing summer clothes, measure where you are going to wear your belt on your waist. Then, use the sizing guide to determine your Diamondback belt size

3. Which bag comes with hammer hostler?

The hammer hostler is not included with any pouch but it can be purchase and attach to any pouch.

4. What are the color options?

All pouches come in green and black color, but accessories can be of same color.

5. Can I get left handed set?

All the diamondback pouches are available in the left handed and right handed position.

6. Are diamondback products compatible with other brands?

Yes diamondback products are compatible with other brands. Our product fits into the belt of up to 6 inches.

7. I am carpenter what system do you recommend me?

All of our carpenter clients are different we suggest you to read this article to find out what is better for you and what is not.

8. There is difference in my pouches why?

Every pouch is made is hand sewn by the actual living breathing human beings that is why is is slight difference.